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  • This site is hosted on Amazon Web Services and dispatched via various edge locations (Cloudfront) around the globe. We enable "all" edge locations to minimize hops and latency, and because you are worth it :)

  • Access logs in AWS are disabled, and we are not aware of any user tracking. Only aggregate statistics are provided, most notably, aggregated referrer domains, and aggregated visitor origins, such as:               75.55%
    Not Specified           19.12%    2.41%          0.55%
    United States           30.53%
    Germany                 9.38%
    United Kingdom          6.24%
  • We use Google Fonts for now (help with fixing that would be greatly appreciated!). No cookies are retained to our knowledge. See: What does using the Google Fonts API mean for the privacy of my users?

  • The Edit & Run feature of the "Hello, Rust" section embeds the Rust Playground. All code entered there is sent to and processed on their servers.

  • The browser's local storage may be necessary to store settings between sessions (e.g., dark mode, ligatures, banner visibility), if you requested such a setting to take effect. This information never leaves your machine.

  • Supporting developer assets and metadata are usually hosted on Github so their privacy and tracking legalese applies.

  • The Feedback Buttons allow you to send sentiments and text.

    You are free to submit organic feedback (i.e., ad-hoc, human-created) in whatever language, or with whatever words you desire, and any such feedback is fair use.

    The usage of bots or scripts, however, is not allowed and considered abuse.

    We will store your submission, including context (e.g., section headers or user agents for site debugging). No identifiable information is preserved.

    Should we find identifiable information was submitted by you by accident then we will attempt to remove it on a best-effort basis. However, no guarantees are given such monitoring will take place, or is successful.

    Storage happens in the European Union.

    You agree to give us the right to use your feedback for improvements to this site, process it with 3rd party services (e.g., Google Translate), and to share and publish it (e.g., in Github tickets).

    Access to raw data is generally available to the operators of this site and their designated persons (and theoretically our hosting provider, and 3rd parties that enforce access via legal means, e.g., the police).

This work is CC-BY with the following exceptions:

  • Rust source snippets are CC-0.
  • Metadata (any data not directly needed to reproduce this work) and author names are not licensed.
  • While giving credit is appreciated, reproductions must change the Operator section above, and must not appear to be controlled or endorsed by the author in any way.

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These assets are shipped with the site.

  • normalize.css, Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal, MIT licensed
  • Fira Code, Nikita Prokopov, OFL-1.1
  • Zola Book theme, Vincent Prouillet, MIT licensed
  • prism.js, Lea Verou, MIT licensed
  • Tabbed CSS Panels, Vesa Piittinen, MIT licensed

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