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  • The content on is hosted on Amazon Web Services and dispatched via various edge locations (Cloudfront) around the globe. We enable "all" edge locations to minimize hops and latency and because, you know, you are worth it :)

  • Access logs for content hosting are disabled in the AWS configuration, and we are not aware of any user tracking present in this configuration. Only aggregate statistics are provided, most notably, aggregated referrer information on a domain level, and aggregated visitor information on a country level, such as:               75.55%
    Not Specified           19.12%    2.41%          0.55%
    United States           30.53%
    Germany                 9.38%
    United Kingdom          6.24%
  • Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we use embedded fonts that are hosted on Google Fonts (help with fixing that would be greatly appreciated!). No cookies are retained to our knowledge. Google has an entry on this matter: What does using the Google Fonts API mean for the privacy of my users?.

  • The user's local storage may be used for storing user settings between sessions (e.g., dark mode, ligatures). This information never leaves the user's machine.

  • Supporting developer assets and metadata are usually hosted on Github so their privacy and tracking legalese applies.

This cheat sheet ("work") consists of:

  • viewable text (tables, guides, snippets) addressing language-related content, as presented on the site ("content")
  • code, logos, assets, fonts, graphics ("supporting assets")
  • metadata, such as the real names of contributors (e.g., on Github or the site), information from the Git repo, any other information not directly related to end-user content ... ("metadata")

The content of this work is licensed as CC0 from the European Union, with contributions from all over the world. If you need to cite this work, e.g., for reasons of moral rights in the EU, or proper academic or business conduct, you can use "Rust Language Cheat Sheet (, Ralf Biedert et. al." or something similar.

Third party supporting assets retain their original license. Supporting assets produced by this project (in particular code) are MIT licensed.

Metadata should be treated as licensed only to the extent needed to contribute to, or use this work. In particular, all contributors retain the full rights to their names, mail addresses, and related (meta-) information, except to the technical extent needed to make a contribution. They may not be used for any other purpose, unless given express permission by the individual in question.

Trademark Information

In any case, this work refers to trademarked products. In particular the "Rust" and "Cargo" names and logos are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation and may only be used according to their trademark policy.