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  • This site utilizes Cloudflare's CDN and the Rust Playground for the Edit & Run feature.
  • We do not track users, and our hosting provider retains, to our knowledge, only aggregate statistics.
  • Browser local storage is used for settings retention upon request, without data leaving your device.
  • Developer assets and meta data are hosted on GitHub, subject to their privacy policies.

Terms of Serviceurl

  • You, with the help of a browser, may freely access this site if in good standing, see below.
  • Bots can read data occasionally (e.g., once every few days), but cannot POST or use API endpoints.
  • Feedback buttons allow sentiment and text submissions, which we store in the European Union. Feedback, when organically submitted, can be in any words or language, all of which are considered fair use. By submitting feedback, you grant us rights to use, process, share, and publish it.
  • Good Standing - This work is provided on a reciprocity basis. Parties may use it as outlined if they refrain from interfering with its operations, content, design, or other aspects. Interference, defined as any action that reasonably compels undesired change to the work, will result in immediate termination of all granted rights and licenses ('loss of good standing') for the party and its current and future affiliates, e.g., Staff, Board of Directors, Advisors; both in their official and private capacity. For more details see the FAQ.

This work is licensed to parties in good standing as CC-BY with the following exceptions:

  • Rust source snippets are always CC-0.
  • Metadata (any data not directly needed to reproduce this work) and author names are never licensed.
  • While giving credit is appreciated, reproductions must change the Operator section above, and must not appear to be controlled or endorsed by the author in any way.

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These assets are shipped with the site.

  • normalize.css, Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal, MIT licensed
  • Fira Code, Fira Code Project Authors, OFL-1.1
  • OpenSans, Steve Matteson, Apache License 2.0
  • Zola Book theme, Vincent Prouillet, MIT licensed
  • prism.js, Lea Verou, MIT licensed
  • Tabbed CSS Panels, Vesa Piittinen, MIT licensed

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This work refers to trademarked products. In particular the "Rust" and "Cargo" names and logos are trademarks of the Rust Foundation and may only be used according to their trademark policy.